Top wine trends for the summer

As temperatures rise and the days stretch longer, the On Trade gears up to welcome the season of refreshing drinking and vibrant flavours. And while wine may see smaller volumes during the summer period, it remains an indispensable category, driving proportionally higher value sales than many others.

To help you gear up for the hottest season of the year, here are some top wine trends poised to make a splash in the On Trade this summer:

Refreshing Whites

When it comes to summer wine selections, it's no surprise that white wine is a clear favourite among wine drinkers. According to a recent study by PROOF Insight, during last year’s 16-week summer period white and rosé saw a volume increase of 11.5% compared to the previous 16-week period. Refreshing whites like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc are perennial favourites, offering crispness and vibrancy that perfectly complement the season's warmth.

Explore: Creation Sauvignon Blanc

This wine has ripe green fruit, tropical and elderflower characteristics with a refreshing acidity and long finish.

French and Italian Rosé

In recent years, French rosé, particularly from the Provence region, has witnessed a notable uptick in sales during the summer months. Dry Provence rosé, known for its elegant profile and refreshing acidity, becomes increasingly popular as temperatures climb. Italian rosé also enjoys a devoted following, offering a diverse array of styles to suit every palate.

Discover: Jeio Prosecco Rose NV

Soft, fruity, and refreshing with flavours of citrus, rose and raspberry. This prosecco rosé has fine and persistent bubbles and a long-lasting finish.

Chilled reds

As true vinous people, we’re all-time fans of chilled red wines, which offer a lighter alternative for red wine enthusiasts seeking refreshment in the heat. Varieties like Pinot Noir, Grenache, and Gamay are expected to shine when served chilled, providing a delightful twist on traditional summer wine offerings.

Taste: Balfour Luke's Pinot Noir 

Burgundy clones were planted on Hush Heath Estate specifically for still red wine production and to maximise phenolic ripeness in the wines. Judicious use of new oak adds spice without overpowering the delicate Pinot Noir aromas. Leaning towards Cool Climate New World regions rather than Burgundy in style due to the clean cherry and mulberry notes.

Portuguese wines

Portuguese wines may still be niche in UK’s On Trade, accounting for 0.3% of MAT still wine volumes, but there are already signs of growth (+7.8% vs. last year), Vinho Verde is widely known for its youthful qualities and vibrant acidity. Bottle listings of this category appear in at least one out of two MODE restaurant listings, and increasingly in by the glass listings. Plus, its low alcohol content can work in its favour in the UK market by having a lower duty charge under the new system!

Try: Quinta de la Rosa Branco Reserve

Beautiful pale golden in colour this complex wine has succulent white fruit, herb, and tropical fruit aromas. It has smooth flavours, it is balanced and elegant on the palate marrying ripe fruit with a light, fresh finish. It is an ideal wine for the summer months.

Holiday destination wines 

The resurgence of wanderlust post-pandemic is leaving its mark on MODE restaurant wine lists. Popular holiday destinations are experiencing a surge in Google flight searches and at the same time are finding a place on an increasing number of wine menus

Shop: Santo Santorini Assyrtiko 2022

This wine is a classic benchmark of the variety and its homeland. A vibrant aromatic cocktail of sea-breeze freshness and citrus fruits, peach with honeyed undertones. Bone-dry, brightly acidic with a textural mineral smokiness and a food-begging finish.

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