First Sip

We’re really excited to launch our new e-learning course, First Sip. Course access will be offered free of charge to all Bibendum customers.

What is it?

This fun and interactive wine course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is designed for those with little or no wine knowledge.

The course includes topics such as:

  • what wine is
  • where wine is made
  • how to describe wine to a guest
  • how to serve wine

Bibendum’s Head of Training, Julia Bailey says, “Personally, I love how and fun interactive the course is, and like most traditional e-learning, it doesn’t take hours to complete and focuses on the essentials of what you absolutely should know to work front of house with wine. We want to be able to offer as much support to our customers as we can, and right now what we’re hearing is that training on the fundamentals of wine & wine service is what’s needed.”

How do I get access for my team?

If you’re interested in finding out more contact your Bibendum Account Manager, or get in touch with the Training team directly: